November 05, 2017

What is masticating juicer all about

Just how we masticate our food when we eat, a masticating juicer chews and grinds fruits and veggies in a similar fashion. Because of this grinding motion, these types of juicers excel at juicing harder fruits and veggies that centrifugal juicers would often have trouble with. Masticating juicers grind at slow speed, which gives minimal aeration of the fruits and veggies. Aeration is the introduction of excess air in the final product. This causes oxidation and breakdown of the nutritious enzymes and anti-oxidants. Therefore, masticating juicers are the best for retaining valuable nutritious value in our drink!

Masticating juicers – Pros and Cons


Little waste, takes advantage and extracts every bit of juice available. This means that you will need less veggies than usual to make that cup of juice. (veggies are especially difficult to juice)

Quiet: Cold press juicers don’t need to spin at 10,000+ rpm and use 500+ watts like centrifugal juicers. Don’t wake up the whole house just for your morning juice.

Tough: low speed grinding motion will allow your masticating juicer to last for years to come.

Can juice leaf veggies such as spinach. Centrifugal juicers have trouble when it comes to these types of veggies, and when it does shred, it does a terrible job.


Juicing is not as quick as with centrifugal juicers.

Bulky: I hope you can clear enough counter space for these puppies! Even entry level cold press juicers can be considered borderline commercial, as these need to be built tough and heavy. It really is the tank of the juicing world.


More about Masticating Juicers

Masticating juicers are made by some of the top home appliance brands, such as: Breville, Omega, Cuisinart, Hamilton beach, and many more.Competition is fierce, with all brands putting out a competitive product. This is good for the consumer, and makes it easy to choose a high quality juicer.

Benefits of Juicing

If you’re already in the market for a masticating juicer, then you probably already know the wide range of health benefits juicing offers. If not, read on!

Benefits of juicing

For those who have trouble getting their daily intake of fruits and veggies, juicing provides a simple, tasty solution. Veggie shakes allow you to combine kale, carrots, even ginger, and allow the final product to taste better than any of these alone! In short, if you or your children are fearful of veggies, this is the easiest way to get the recommended daily serving.

Personally, I enjoy eating fruits and veggies by themselves, but juicing allows me to combine then in unique ways to create interesting flavored nutritious concoctions. With that said, you as well should not rely on juicing to get 100% of your recommended fruits and veggies (although its better than nothing).There are precious nutrients left over in skin and pulp that is purposely left out in the juicing process.Eating whole fruits and veggies allows your digestive system to take advantage of the entire fruit or vegetable.

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November 02, 2017

Useful tips for decorating the kitchen of your home

Kitchen of a home should be organized and planned carefully. It is the place where people gather to eat after cooking. Proper cooking requires a lot of things other than the cooking skill. If you don’t have a great facilities in kitchen, you will not be able to cook there comfortably. The kitchen cabinets, cooking corner, washing sink, etc. should be organized in such way which can make you feel comfortable while cooking. You can decorate the kitchen of your home beautifully and in an organized way following some tips. Here I’m providing some useful tips for decorating the kitchen of your home.

1) You should be smart while designing the kitchen. You should occupy the all of the space of your kitchen smartly. If the kitchen counter is small, you need to plan it carefully. You can find different small kitchen plan online which can be applied and implemented while designing the kitchen.

2) If you have got an old kitchen and want to renew it, you can do it in a budget-friendly way. Rather replacing all the old things, you can change the handles of the kitchen cabinets, paint or burnish them with new colors and add new look to the kitchen.

3) Ventilation system of the kitchen is the most important thing to look for while designing and decorating a kitchen. The light and air should come to the kitchen naturally. Kitchen makes a lot of fume and smoke which can destroy the environment of the home. You have to make a good arrangement to pass those smoke and fumes easily and make the environment of the kitchen cool.

4) If you get extra spaces in your kitchen, you can decorate it in according to your wish. You can decorate the extra spaces of your kitchen with the green plants, colorful flower vase on the counter top of the kitchen. This will change the whole environment of your kitchen and you will feel refreshed while working in the kitchen.

5) You can also use your beautiful pieces of plates, glass, and the other crockeries set to decorate your kitchen.

6) Paints and arts are the best way to create welcoming and warm environment in your kitchen. It will reflect the class and the taste of yours. People, few years back, used to ignore decorating the surroundings of the kitchen. But nowadays most of the people are emphasizing on beautify and decorate the surroundings of the kitchen.

7) Cleanliness is itself a great decorative tool for the kitchen. No matter what after and before cooking, you need to clean your kitchen completely.

So, these are some useful tips for decorating the kitchen of your home.

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October 30, 2017

Finding the Best Kitchen Remodel

There are numerous great counter top materials to choose from and each one is able to make your kitchen more beautiful. If you like to improve your kitchen to raise its value, be certain to know what is popular in your location. One method to improve your kitchen design is really to bring a kitchen island. For larger kitchens there are several bowl options which is often wise to look at a secondary bar sink if multiple cooks are going to be within the kitchen.

They're a fantastic way to accent your kitchen's features for example a distinctive tile backslash or glassware. The ready-made slab is subsequently installed in the user's kitchen without a lot of masonry work. Kitchen counter top occupies a considerable area in just about any kitchen.

Sinks come in numerous styles, but it's crucial that you think about how you intend to utilize your kitchen sink. It’s not possible to reface frame less cabinets.

The New Angle on Kitchen Remodel Just Released

Take a look at the specific size that may fit the space in your kitchen as well as your family need. Besides this, expect more costs within the floor prep time. The very first situation to think about could be the purpose of your kitchen island.

Flooring is the greatest spot to begin your green remodel. Contractors have a vast variety of suggestions and they're able to also provide ideas on the likelihood of using existing kitchen furniture. Kitchen cabinet replacement is among the costliest parts of the kitchen renovation project. You certainly can do this sort of plumbing repair yourself, too.

Shopping at the proper region, you can find exceptionally great lighting fixtures at low price. They're impervious to water, then they can be utilized in bathrooms or for landscaping. Light another major facet of kitchen facelift. This will allow you to feel content with all the renovations that you create.

Just because a dependable business is selling a home remodeling product, isn't likely to guarantee you this is the greatest product which you will get for the money. Additionally, by taking an even more practical, well-informed, and patient move towards your house remodeling project, you can truly lower the chance of miscommunication among you and also your contractor. If this's the circumstance, you aren't likely to see a dramatic increase in how much you are able to escape from your residence.

You are able to do lots of things like giving a brand-new appearance to your home by remodeling your home, or it may be even by painting your home all over again. Comparable Prices If your home is the exclusive house in your neighborhood that's overpriced, chances are buyers will shy away. Thus, it is crucial to give worth to your own home a good deal, and you need to remodel it when needed. Take a look at the typical house prices in your region first.

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October 27, 2017

What is a Masticating Juicers?

Wellness is "in” nowadays and more and more people are shifting to a healthier lifestyle. People have finally realized that it is much better to invest in maintaining good health now rather than spending a lot of money on medical bills later on. One convenient appliance to keep at home for a healthier you is a masticating juicers which is also called the single gear juicer. This juicer allows you to consume all the fruits and vegetables that you need each day in one refreshing beverage.

The masticating juicer has a single auger to extract all the juice from the fruits and vegetable. Itbreaks down the food material with a grinding motion and then squeezes the juice out by crushing the broken-down fruits and/or vegetables against a screen. This process separates the pulp from the juice.

Benefits of Fresh Juices

The main benefit of having a single gear juicer at home is that you get to enjoy all the nutritional benefits of fresh juices. Store bought juices are usually packed with health damaging sugars and preservatives. Even the commercial juice concentrates aren’t much different. Fresh juices are still the best as they contain all the vitamins and minerals as well as the anti-cancer and anti-bacterial properties found naturally in produce. While this site likes to focus on the masticating juicers per says, we also have a listing of the best juicers for American families of 2014.

Why Go for this type of Juicer?

Unlike other types of juicers, the slow juicer runs at a much slower speed, only about 80-100 rpms. This makes this juicing machine quieter compared to others. It also protects the produce from oxidation generated by heat from the motor of other juicers. As the juicer operates slowly, the produce breaks down slowly and more extensively allowing the important Phyto-chemicals, enzymes, antioxidants and other nutritional contents stay undamaged when it reaches your glass. Further, due to its slower speed, your juice maker will last longer as the machine is not stressed during use. One beautiful juicing machine that is very quiet is the Green Star Juicer.

Another benefit of this juicer is that some models can make other food products that are good for one’s health. For example, some professional juicer can turn nuts such as almonds into butters minus the sugars and preservatives often found in commercial products bought in stores. With this machine, you can easily whip up nut butters, pastes, sauces, creams and even fruit sherbets.

If you have a growing baby, slow juicers would be very handy in making baby food. This would enable you to feed your child the healthiest and freshest food possible as compared to baby foods in jars. You don’t have to second guess what you’re actually feeding your child. Plus, fresh food also tastes better than store bought ones. You can also use this period to train your baby to eat natural foods early and prevent his palate to get accustomed to processed foods.

Aside from all those mentioned above, slow juicers are stylish and quite easy to maintain.Cleaning up is so easy. Once you remove all the pulp and other unused fruits or vegetables you only need to rinse the device thoroughly. They also come with long warranties, though they don’t usually cover natural wear and tear. Obviously, this is dependent on which kind of machine you have at home. Honestly, if it’s an inexpensive plastic bargain that set you back under 100$ 3 years ago, go and purchase a different one and enjoy it. You can find the year’s best masticating juicer here! Alternative parts will definitely cost greater than a new machine will!

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October 24, 2017

Features and use of lunch cooler bags

What about enjoying fresh foods at lunch when you go out to work or college every day? We, the busy people who have to go to work or classes every day don’t take tiffin or food every day with us. If you take food with you and keep it for a long time bacteria can grow in your food and sometimes the foods can be rotten too. A common bacteria named salmonella most often grows on the food which is left for a long time. In this situation, one of the smartest ways to keep your food cooler and safer from the harmful bacteria and the other contamination is using the cooler bags. Lunch coolerbags are very popular among the people who take lunch every day on their workplace. The lunch cooler bags are not only suitable to use in the workplace but the children can also take them to school to keep their tiffin and lunch safe.

Having fast food every day can be very harmful to the body. It is expensive too. Moreover, you won’t get the variation of the foods in your canteen. The problem can be solved easily by using the lunch cooler bags along with you every day. The lunch cooler bags are extremely popular with the travelers too. As it can keep the food fresh for a long time, for the picnic or long journey, the bag can be taken easily with the fresh foods, fruits, vegetables, etc. The lunch cooler bags saves a lot of money and the time of the people every day. As you can take the fresh foods from the home, you don’t have to spend money on the restaurants buying expensive foods every day. Regular intake of outside food is also harmful to the body and can leave a very harmful impact on the body too. So, in order to eat the healthy diet and fresh food, the lunch cooler box is the best option.

You will get different sized and patterned lunch box at the market. You have to choose the suitable one for you. The lunch cooler box should have sufficient room for packing foods. Most of the lunch cooler ox comes with multiple chambers where you can take the different type of food easily. Some lunch cooler boxes also have the cutlery set, cute bottle for taking salt, and etc. things. The size and capacity of the lunch cooler box is an important thing to look for before buying one. If you are taking food for yourself only, you can take small lunch cooler bag. Price is also an important thing to look for while buying one.

So, the lunch cooler box is a great addition to our daily life.

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October 21, 2017

Choosing the New Countertop that is Best for You

Tired of how your kitchen looks? Consider a face lift by replacing your old countertops with the latest solid surface or laminate. Learn all that you need to know about choosing a new countertop with Kitchen Designer Michael Smith.

As a designer I constantly speak with customers who want to redo their kitchen into an area that is more pleasing to the eye and also more useful. In the average home the kitchen has become the most important room in the house. Family interactions and activities center here while mom or dad prepares meals, cleans up, or just simply sit to talk.

Where does one start with this process of Tiny kitchen designs countertops? What materials are available? Can I get the look I want? Is there something that will fit within my budget that looks nice and meets my needs?

A good kitchen designer at your local home improvement store can answer all of these questions. We help people make these choices every day.

The first thing you should do before visiting your local design center is to think about your current countertops. What do you like most about them? What do you dislike most? It is important to understand that each material has distinct characteristics. You should work towards improving the aspects that you least enjoy about your present countertops.

What kind of countertops do I want? Do I want Granite? Quartz? Corian? Or Laminate? Knowing the characteristics of each product before you go to the home improvement store will save you time and help the designer focus on the material that will be right for your home.

Take note of each of the most common materials used today. Think about the good and not-so-good points of each. Which material best meets your needs?


Granite is a natural substance mined from the earth in most countries of the world. Each piece is distinctive and no two pieces are identical. Granite is taken raw from the earth and polished much like a diamond.

Among the benefits of granite are its hardness and resistance to heat. It can be used as a cutting board or to set hot pots directly on its surface. Only a diamond or a stone cutting board can scratch it. Granite countertops look great with an undermount sink.

Caution: Granite is a porous substance and can stain. It is recommended that granite be sealed at least three times per year to reduce staining. Also, pitting can occur if spills such as orange juice are left unattended for a period of time.

Granite countertops, while very popular, are not for everyone. Color and pattern can be very inconsistent. Inconsistency of pattern while attractive to some is not attractive to others. If you like an earthy, natural look, granite may be an option for your kitchen.

Granite will usually have seams located somewhere in the countertops. The weight of the material and the ability of fabricators to carry it into your kitchen determine the size of pieces and presence or absence of seams.

Several well known companies like Dupont offer up to a 10 year limited warranty. The product has a wide selection of colors and is sold by the square foot. Backsplash is included in the square foot computation.

The eased edge is usually standard, with other edge profiles such as ogee, bullnose, or bevel, available for an additional charge.


Often called "man-made granite,” Quartz has all the benefits of real granite without any of the negatives. Quartz is very consistent in pattern and color and is hard enough to be used as a cutting board and can handle hot items on its surface.

Unlike natural granite, Quartz does not need to be sealed and will not stain with normal use. Seaming will be very similar to granite.

Note of importance: Neither granite or Quartz have the mitered corner seam that is characteristic of laminate products.

Quartz, sold by companies under names like Zodiac and Silestone, usually carries a 15 year limited warranty. The product has a wide selection of colors and is sold by the square foot. Backsplash is included in the square foot computation.

The eased edge is usually standard, with other edge profiles such as ogee, bullnose, or bevel, available for an additional charge.

Corian and HiMac

Corian, by Dupont, and HiMac, by LG, are almost identical products. Each product has a wide array of colors and styles, with a variety of edge treatments.

This product is an acrylic and popular because of its ease in cleaning and maintenance. With many colors available, it is often used in both kitchens and bathrooms. Among the key selling features are its "no visible seam” and the capability of integrating the sink directly into the countertop. Parents with children love this product and come back to it again and again.

The eased edge is usually standard, with other edge profiles such as ogee, bullnose, or bevel, available for an additional charge.

Caution: Corian or HiMac products can scratch or scorch. Scratches or burns usually can be removed with mild abrasives such as Comet or Ajax.

Both Corian and HiMacs carry a 10 year limited warranty. The products are sold by the square foot. Backsplash is included in the square foot computation.

Post form Laminates

The most commonly used countertop material, post form laminates come in hundreds of colors and finishes and is the least expensive option for redoing kitchen countertops.

Laminates are sold per linear foot, making laminate cost about one-third the cost of any of the solid surface options. New laminate options by DeepStar and Sedona are much tougher and resist scratching more than previous product offerings.

Caution: Laminates will always have the corner mitered seams and are subject to scratches and scorching. When damaged, laminate countertops are not repairable.

Post form laminates can only accommodate top mount sinks and lengths over 12 feet will have additional seams. Use of a non-stock color may result in customers purchasing product in 8’10’, and 12′ sections to account for waste. The backsplash comes included in the price.

The waterfall edge is usually standard, with other edge profiles available for an additional charge. The Euro-round and Euro-square edge profiles will shorten the backsplash approximately ¼” and provide a nice look by wrapping the laminate under the front edge.


New countertops can not only improve the look of your kitchen, but add value to your house. Choosing a solid surface countertop will add immediate value and repay your investment within five years.

Be sure to take the measurements of existing countertops when you go shopping so the kitchen designer can give you an estimate. Pick a material and color you like and your kitchen can see a dramatic change in as little as three weeks.


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October 18, 2017

How To Start Juicing

See This Infographic For Details:

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